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Trends : employing contract workers

To Hire workers on contract basis seems to be beneficial for firms in present scenario. It has multiple positives for stakeholders. Ticking the boxes with right skilled candidates, coping in dynamic business environment, engaging efficient workforce and off course saving on cost factors are worth mentioning. Both parties also have the privilege of negotiable short notice periods at their disposal.

Nevertheless, these contractual assignments are getting popular in recent times and making valuable contribution to employers and employees.

A contract is a legally binding or valid agreement between two parties.

A legally valid contract has several vital features.

These include

  • Parties
  • Consideration
  • Terms and conditions
  • competent parties
  • Legal purpose

The 2017 Australian Salary & Employment report claims that 63% of respondents currently use contracting solutions in their organisations and a total of 68% respondents show willingness to consider using contract workers.

Temporary assignments benefits workers as well giving them more freedom and in most cases well-paid job.