Search and apply for jobs via SMS

Finding a Job - Easy as 1 2 3

1 Search

2 Register

3 Apply

Use an SMS search code (in blue, see table below) to search for jobs. When you find your dream job, you need to register to create/upload/deliver* your CV (in red). You can deliver your CV to a number of CV Drop Boxes located across POM, call 7090 7200 for locations. When you have registered and have your CV attached to your account, you can now send an SMS code (in green) to Apply to your dream job. Good luck!!



SMS Command To Short code To Get
JOB 16563 To Register
SENDCV 16563 Get email and PO Box for job board
Help 16562 Key TXT commands to use the board
C 16562 To get job category code list
CHPWD aaaa111 16563 To change Password - must give 7 alpha/numeric characters
CA JOB CAT# 16562 To get list of jobs in a job category: e.g. CA 343 (to get list of jobs in Professional Services category), CA 349 (to get list of jobs in Construction category)
APPLY ID# 16563 To apply for job EG: Apply 249 (where 249 is job ID#)
Yes ID# 16563 Confirm you wish to apply for job with ID# (e.g. Yes 249)


SMS Command To Short code To Get
Com1 16562 To view list of Text Commands
Com2 16562 To view 2nd list of Text Commands
Com3 16562 To view 3rd list of Text Commands
DT 2 16562 To View latest 2 days
DT 7 16562 To View latest 7 days
CA job cat code 16562 To View jobs in your job category - e.g. CA 343 to search jobs in professional services, CA 348 to search jobs in education
More 1 16562 To View 2nd set of Jobs
Find Security 16562 Search job using keyword e.g. Find Security to 16562, Find Administration to 16562, Find Engineering to 16562 etc
FINDPW 16563 To Get Password