Texts sent to Board
Service SMS Fees (PGK)
Texts to 16562
C 0.25t
CAT 0.25t
COM1 0.25t
COM2 0.25t
COM3 0.25t
DT7 0.25t
DT2 0.25t
HELP 0.25t
MORE1 0.25t
FIND 0.25t
Texts to 16563
JOB K1 (* 0.49t applies for May 1,2,3)
FINDPW 0.25t
CHPWD 0.25t
SENDCV 0.49t applies
YES 0.49
Texts received from Board
Confirmation Texts Fees (PGK)
Texts to 16564
Alert set up 0.25t
Alert Edit 0.25t
Alert Deletion 0.25t
SMS Alert 0.25t