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Connecting successfully

Effective networking needs making connections with people you know as well as you do not know.

Talking with people you don't know is hard. Some guidelines to drive you through to impress people:

  • Writing and rehearsing before you speak always makes you confident and impressive in presenting your candidature.
  • Purpose for contacting should be communicated clearly.
  • Availability of person you are contacting should be kept in mind, if they are busy at the moment then choose to call back later.
  • Keeping the telephone conversation short and to the point always helps in forming a good impression
  • The call should focus on your purpose of contact.
  • Knowing the organisation before you go to a meeting is a must to create positive impression on potential employers.
  • Always email or send letter thanking for their time, this also turns as a follow up and helps them to recall meeting you.

Connecting through Networking is a great way towards positive Job intend.

Networking is emphasised as we all are part of various social circles. People often do business with people they know and like. We know more people than we think we do. Most people will gladly assist you if they can as it feels good to help others. As recommended member we become part of a much smaller pool and reduced competition with many others. Networking takes to information and job leads as sometimes the job you want may not be advertised at all.

A great way to successful living and connecting thrives on building relationships along the way weather in job or on job hunting.