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RH Trading Limited
Port Moresby, NCD, Papua New Guinea
: 302 8511

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Restaurant Industries
Lot 1, Section 479
Kennedy Road, Gordons
PO Box 3655
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Phone:       +675 3251122
Fax:           +675 3230733

“RH Trading’s approach to the public is to create, modify and enhance Retail, Food and Restaurant business by providing excellent services and products available to the market. Because we believe that satisfying customers is the only way to have strong and major lasting impact on the retail industries.”

Basic Information
·      Engaging in Wholesale/Retail, Food and Restaurant industries
·      Operating in Port Moresby and LAE province
·      Current employees:     1100

Location of Business:  

I.         Lot 1, Section 479, Kennedy Road, Gordons, NCD
II.         Lot 5,6,7, Section1, Kumarere Street, Hohola, NCD
III.         Lot 7, 8, 9, Section 429, Hohola, NCD
IV.         Lot 23, Section 50, Milfordhave Road, Lae
List of Retail Stores:

1.        RH Hypermarket
2.        Baker’s Choice Bakery
3.        Brumby’s Bakery
4.        Comserv Communication
5.        Comserv IT Station
6.        Star Office Works
7.        Star News Link
8.        Finest Coffee Shop
9.        Retail Food Junction
10.    Ten Japanese Restaurant
11.    Champions Bar and Restaurant
12.    Wantok Rewards Program
13.    RH Tyre and Services
14.    RH Pharmacy
RH Trading Limited was incorporated in 1989 with primary activities on wholesale and retail, supplying foodstuff to our inter-company operations in rural areas of Papua New Guinea.
It was year 1999, when the Management after a decade of experience in retail industries decided to take the challenge of the market with increasing demands of various products and services. Thus, the launching of “one-stop-shop” took place with Cash ‘n’ Carry and Bottle Shop a new division in RH Hypermarket.
Our commitment to the public continuously grow with the establishment of our new store, the Star Office Works which sells different stationeries and office products from local and overseas suppliers and rapidly became known to numbers of private and government offices.
In 2003, Hypermarkets performed beyond expectations. There are now three branches at Gordons, Hohola and Lae. New products were introduced as RH Hypermarket began to set up a fresh food stall in the fresh market section. Various imported products also put on stall which gave more choices and convenience to the customers at the quantities they prefer and at the price they can afford.
The 20th century opens a new opportunity to the company, expanding our business exposure from retail to food industry. The Baker’s Choice Bakery was introduced offering varieties of breads and pastries to choose from.
The new century is of no question becomes more challenging and tough for RH Trading but this does not stop the company to become more determine and adhere to the demands of the society were technology and communication started to arise. The Management was of no fear to establish and introduces our respond to the new age of technology with the launching of Comserv Communications. 
Last year 2011, after more than two decades of operation, providing exceptional services and maintaining high quality products, the company through the benevolent efforts and support of the Management opened the biggest Hypermarket in Papua New Guinea – the RH Hypermarket Vision City Megamall, which introduced among others a new era of shopping convenience and experience to our valued customers.
Today, RH Trading continuously grow and become more competitive in engaging to different business and industries. With the opening of different stores located at Vision City Megamall, from our very own Retail Food Junction, Ten Japanese Restaurant and Champions Bar, new branch of Baker’s Choice Bakery together with the international franchise project of Brumby’s Bakery and Finest Coffee Shop, expansion of Star Office Works and opening of the very first bookstore - the Star News Link, another branch with various gadgets and products of Comserv Communications and IT Stations for internet and a new venture of business in customers loyalty programs under Wantok Rewards, it is no doubt that RH Trading after more than two decades of existence has tremendously brought a great opportunity not only to the Company but contributes to the rapid growth of economy and development of Papua New Guinea.

Mission Statement
Providing great services and quality products don’t just happen by accident but by thorough analysis, determination, advocacy and years of experience. Thus, in RH Trading Limited we simply adhere in our three most important business endeavor;
  • To be the best wholesale and retail store with excellent customer services;
  • To be a place offering great food and an exceptional dining experience to our customers;
  • To continuously be part and contribute to the growing economy of Papua New Guinea.
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Vision Statement
        “Our Vision is our Mission – be the most outstanding company in Retail, Food and Restaurant industry in Papua New Guinea, endure the outmost demands of new technology, maintains our advocacy in serving our valued customers and provides a fair and friendly working environment to our employees and thus contributes to the development of the country’s economy.

RH Trading Limited
Here we want to express our gratitude to our customers for the trust they have been placing in us. We have proven our capability in providing different services to cater the demands of our patrons. We believe that the length of our existence relies on the positive effects of the services we provide:
§  Wholesale and Retail
§  Food and Restaurant
§  Internet and Communication
§  Computers and Stationary
§  Loyalty Program
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