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OK Tedi Mining Limited
Tabubil, WE, Papua New Guinea
: 649 3329

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Ok Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) operates an open pit mine in the Star Mountains region of the Western Province of Papua New Guinea. The Ok Tedi project is located in the head waters of the Fly River system, only 18 kilometres from Indonesia’s, West Papua border.
The mine began operations in 1984 on Mount Fubilan, which had a pre-mining elevation of 2095 metres, and has now been reduced by more than 700 metres.  The area receives between 8 to 11m of rainfall per year, and is characterised by steep terrain and dense tropical rainforest.
The Ok Tedi mine is a major producer of copper concentrate containing gold and silver for the world smelting market in Germany, India, Korea, Japan and the Philippines.
Since 1982 OTML has contributed over PGK23 billion to the economy of the Western Province and the Nation in the form of royalties, dividends, taxes, compensation, wages, and purchases of domestic goods and services. OTML is also proud of its commitment to develop the human resources of PNG through the Apprenticeship and Graduate Development Programme over the past years.
OTML has commenced preparation for Mine Life Extension (MLE) to extend mine life for another 11 years from 2015 to 2025 which will generate ongoing benefits.
As a 100% PNG owned company with 30 years of considerable mining, community relations and logistics experience, OTML remains a world class operation.
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